Carbon footprint

An environment that is sustainable

Protan PVC carbon footprint is 3,5x smaller

While bituminous materials generate around 16.5 kg of CO2 per unit, Protan PVC has a footprint 3.5 times smaller.

The calculations are based on the following inputs:

Roof area: 1200 m

System: prefabricated 2m
Membrane: Protan SE 1,6 mm

System: 1 layer – Master deck



x 3,5



Protan PVC is environmentally friendly

PVC is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material made from natural materials and energy produced in hydroelectric power stations. Roofing and membrane production uses minimal resources and generates no waste. The material is of high quality and has a long service life, which makes Protan PVC roll materials one of the best choices for roofing.