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SBS bituminous roll materials

Overview of SBS Bitumen Rolling Compounds

Modern bituminous roof coatings are high quality materials with solid technical characteristics, uniform structure and manufacturer’s guarantee. Quality SBS bituminous roofing has a lifespan of at least twenty years.

SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) bituminous materials contain elastomeric modifiers that ensure SBS materials have excellent low temperature elasticity, are coated with a slate layer for UV protection and are resistant to temperature fluctuations.

The materials are reinforced with polyester or fibreglass fabric and can be installed in single, double or triple layers according to the roof pitch.

The modifiers used in bitumen ensure the consistent technical performance of roofing materials and increase their resistance to environmental influences.

SBS products

Unifleks ECB 5,0
Unifleks EPP 4,0
SurfacePolar KPS
Polar KMS
SurfacePolar Firesmart
Unifleks ECB 5,0
Unifleks EKP 5,0 bitumen membrane is designed for use as a top layer on roofs and for waterproofing other civil engineering works. Suitable for new roofs and roof renovations. Not for single use.
External fire safety Broof (t1); Broof (t2)
Fire response E
Waterproofing 300
Mass per unit area, kg/m2 5.0±0.25
Thickness, mm 4.0±0.2
Unifleks EPP 4,0
Composition: high quality SBS polymer foam and reinforced strong non-woven polyester fabric.

Scope of application: Roofing underlay, waterproofing. The properties of the SBS elastomeric polymer ensure the elasticity of the material at low temperatures. The surface of the material is covered with a film. The substrate is covered by a PE film that melts when heated.

Packaging: 23 rolls per base
PintaPolar KPS 170/5000, TL2 top layer
  • Modified SBS bitumen roll material on a polyester backing, covered on the top side with slate and on the bottom side with film.
  • Product class: TL2
  • Colours: white, grey granite, natural brown, forest green, black anthracite, charcoal grey, brick red.
  • Polar KMS 170/4000, TL2 base layer
  • Rubber bitumen weldable multi-layer roofing roll underlay, coated with sand and underneath a welding compound protected by a film. The cover is reinforced with a polyester backing layer impregnated with rubber bitumen.
  • Product class: TL2
  • PintaPolar Firesmart, self-adhesive topcoat
  • Self-adhesive multilayer rubber bitumen topcoat. Polyester backing, covered with fibres.
  • Product class: TL2
  • MonoPolar-T KY-S 225/5500, TL1 single ply topcoat
  • Weldable overlay roll material for single-ply roofing. The cover is reinforced with a layer of polyester backing impregnated with rubber bitumen, covered with beams and underneath is a welding compound protected by a thin film.
  • Product class: TL1
  • Colours: charcoal grey
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    To be used as a top coat, suitable for new roofs as well as for renovation work.



    To be used as a top coat, suitable for new roofs as well as for renovation work.

    SBS materials partners

    The MIDA factory in Lithuania produces bitumen and modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing coatings for buildings. MIDA also accepts orders for the production of self-adhesive roll roofing for both pitched and flat roofs.

    Location means fast delivery for all our customers in the Baltics and, of course, a high level of service, which is one of the company’s core values.

    We are available and reliable partners who take great care to ensure efficiency in both production and customer service.